Always Know What is in Your Agreements

Today commercial agreements stored in your Box likely hold important terms, obligations, and risks. More than search or data-mining, Docugami enables business users to 'unlock' insight in long-form business documents on Day One without costly consulting services.

You decide what is important across a collection of documents in your Box, and Docugami ‘auto-magically’ prepares a detailed report. This can include Master Service Agreements, SOWs, Leases, Contracts, Partner Agreements, RFPs, Clinical Trials Protocols and many more.

Box Customers’ User Workflow

· Upload files and folders from Box. Docugami creates a copy of your documents and automatically starts document classification and processing.

· Improve the AI suggestions for your unique business agreements with your feedback.

· Generate content analytics and reports across large document sets automatically.

· Export or save reports to your desired Box folder.

Advanced AI for Automated Analytics

Starting with your documents in PDF and DOCX formats (scanned and digitally native), Docugami reveals the inherent patterns, terminology, and relationships of unstructured information. This is achieved through our multi-faceted AI solution combining imaging, Deep Learning, NLP, Bayesian, Evolutionary, and other AI techniques.

Authoring Assistance

Create or edit business agreements and other documents in your Box more precisely and efficiently with Assisted Authoring. Docugami brings your organization's best practices from previous versions of your documents to your fingertips.

Box + Docugami

Business users can be productive on Day One applying Docugami’s breakthrough AI to their documents in Box.

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